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In the province of Salerno, its situated on the southern coast of the Sorrento peninsula, the magnificent Amalfi coastline. Amalfi, according to tradition, founded by the Romans (IV century A.D.) Episcopal seat from the VI century, it affirmed itself as a maritime power in the X and XI centuries establishing trading centres in the main parts of the Mediterranean and many colonies in Naples, Sicily, Puglia, Tripoli and Constantinople. Passed to Norman rule in 1073, in 1135 it was sacked by its rival Pisa, reborn under the Suevians, the city always suffered the commercial competition of the other maritime republics ( Pisa, Venetia, Genoa). In the centuries that followed it become the estate of various noble families, its maritime laws transcribed in the celebrated Tavola Amalfitana, conserved in the civic museum, were used in the Mediterranean until the XVI century, during which the city declined definitively.